Virtual Learning

Prep Your Virtual Class with Ease (Jolt003)

Are you just starting your journey into teaching virtually? Or have you already started, but want some new ideas? Join this micro-course to discover some ideas for preparing your own virtual classroom. Explore strategies for deciding what to include in your class, ways to organize the material, and strategies for getting yourself ready for the challenge.

Includes Fee Downloadable Resources:
► Checklist: 3 Steps to Prep Your Virtual Class
► Checklist for Preparing a Live Session
► Planning Guide for Asynchronous Lessons

Course Author: Christine Davis

  • Get Ready to Go Virtual!
  • RESOURCE: Checklist for Getting Ready to Go Virtual
  • Step 1: Set up Your Virtual Learning Space
  • Organizing Your Virtual Classroom
  • Virtual Classroom Setup: An Overview of 5 Ways
  • Virtual Classroom Setup: Short Video Explanations
  • Self-Check: Organizing Your Virtual Classroom
  • Step 2: Gather Materials for Your Virtual Class
  • What Materials Should I Include?
  • Gathering Materials - Step 1: Include Only What is Relevant
  • Gathering Materials - Step 2: Identify the Must-Knows
  • Gathering Materials - Step 3: Scaffold to Develop Understanding
  • Gathering Materials - Step 4: Don't Forget About Information Overload
  • Learning Science 101: Cognitive Load Theory
  • RESOURCE: Slides for "Getting to Know You" Virtual Activity
  • Step 3: Plan Virtual Lessons
  • Planning for Weekly Lessons
  • 10 Essential Online Learning Best Practices
  • RESOURCE: Checklist for Planning a Live Virtual Session
  • RESOURCE: Checklist for Planning an Asynchronous Virtual Lesson
  • Wrap-up
  • 5 Tips for Preparing to Teach Virtually
  • Take Action! Plan Your Setup
  • You're Ready to Go Virtual!
  • About the Author: Christine Davis
  • Share Your Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever