It's Universal: Your Journey to Inclusive Education for All (Jolt001)
Inclusion & Accessibility
It's Universal: Your Journey to Inclusive Education for All (Jolt001)
Learn about the ‘essence’ of inclusion and explore the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to help you on your journey to inclusive education for all. Includes Free Downloadable Resources: ► Top...
Let's Engage Learners Virtually! (Jolt002)
Virtual Learning
Let's Engage Learners Virtually! (Jolt002)
Discover how to best engage virtual learners to provide unique learning opportunities. Walk away with at least three strategies or activities that you can adapt to your virtual teaching today. Includes Free Downloadable Resources: ► Toolbox...
Prep Your Virtual Class with Ease (Jolt003)
Virtual Learning
Prep Your Virtual Class with Ease (Jolt003)
Are you just starting your journey into teaching virtually? Or have you already started, but want some new ideas? Join this micro-course to discover some ideas for preparing your own virtual classroom. Explore strategies for deciding what to...
Simple Activities to Start Your Social Emotional Learning Journey (Jolt004)
Social-Emotional Learning
Simple Activities to Start Your Social Emotional Learning Journey (Jolt004)
Learn some simple ways to encourage kindness in students of all ages, gather ideas for building healthy, strong relationships as you consider the impact of social-emotional learning. Walk away with ever-important self-care strategies so that you...
Creating an Inclusive Community of Learners (Jolt005)
Dr. Katie Martin | Learner-Centered Innovation
Creating an Inclusive Community of Learners (Jolt005)
How will you help each student feel valued and included in your classroom? Join this micro-course to learn, discuss and set goals for creating a learner-centered community. This micro-course is one of three by Dr. Katie Martin, author of the...
No Annotate? No Problem! (Jolt006)
Virtual Learning
No Annotate? No Problem! (Jolt006)
Are you prepping for live sessions, but have recently discovered that your learners do not have access to annotate tools in Zoom? Maybe your learners have Chromebooks or you are meeting in other conferencing platforms such as Teams or Google...
Setting Student Expectations: Maximizing the Virtual Learning Experience (Jolt007)
Virtual Learning
Setting Student Expectations: Maximizing the Virtual Learning Experience (Jolt007)
Are you frustrated with online instruction? Do you successfully maintain your students’ attention and is everyone being productive? In this micro-course, you will recognize the value of setting student expectations in the virtual setting,...
Skillsets for Success in Work, School and Life (Jolt008)
Student Engagement
Skillsets for Success in Work, School and Life (Jolt008)
Which skills do your students need now and in the future? How can you help them develop these skills while still teaching in your content area? Learn about three main skill sets that are essential in life, and see how to add them to a student’s...
Sparking Curiosity: Launching Virtual Lessons (Jolt009)
Virtual Learning
Virtual Lesson Design
Sparking Curiosity: Launching Virtual Lessons (Jolt009)
What can we do to catch our learners' attention at the start of a virtual lesson - what pulls them in? Discover the power of curiosity and explore ways to create attention-getting lesson starters to tap into learners' curiosity and give them a...
Tackling Assistive Technology - An Introduction (Jolt010)
Inclusion & Accessibility
Tackling Assistive Technology - An Introduction (Jolt010)
Discover the who, what, when, where, and why of assistive technology (AT). This micro-course provides you with a framework to guide AT consideration and facilitate a team approach to assistive technology decision-making. Furthermore, it includes...

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